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There have been repeated calls over the years for somewhere to swim outside and the closure of River Park provides the perfect opportunity to create a vibrant community Lido. 


More and more people have taken to outdoor swimming in recent years and it’s been shown to benefit both our mental and physical health.  


Where Lidos and swimming lakes exist they have a great sense of community and enjoyment surrounding them - much needed in Covid times!  

Image by Adam Winger

A Lido would provide a place for young people to gather and have fun, a community for whom there is currently little to do in Winchester.  


And it would act as a draw to bring more people into our beautiful city. 


We imagine the Lido being simple, low cost and community run. In the Walking Survey on North Walls Park in 2020 there was support for a cafe in the park and a Lido would provide a great venue for this.   Think apres-swim gatherings and evening events round the pool. 

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